Eddystone council member helps rescue family from fire

EDDYSTONE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A family was able to make it out of a Delaware County fire thanks to a quick-thinking borough council member who was nearby.

Eddystone Councilwoman Karen Reeves was grabbing something from her car on the 100 block of East Ashland Avenue just after midnight Saturday when she saw flames shooting from a home across the street.

Reeves ran to her son who was sitting in his car in a driveway. She knocked on his window and told him to call 911 as she made her way toward the fire.

"I ran across the street and got the people out of the bottom apartment," Reeves said.

A woman, her daughter, and two grandchildren responded to Reeves' alerts and darted to safety.

The councilwoman then banged on the door to the top apartment, but Reeves said the woman who lived there did not hear her.

It did turn out, though, the woman was able to make it out, as well.

The family of four moved its car to Reeves' driveway to keep the vehicle from getting damaged in the fire.

Reeves said the building is a rental property. She called the owner to describe what happened and also sent him photos of the fire.

"If the families need anything, we're here. We'll do whatever we can for them," Reeves said.

There were no reports on injuries. Fire officials are still investigating a cause of the blaze.
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