3rd annual school fair held at Franklin Institute

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Three different Philadelphia neighborhood associations hosted an annual school fair at the Franklin Institute.

Dozens of parents, many with toddlers and babies in hand went table to table. Their mission - their child's future education.

"We are looking forward to getting him into school. So we are just investigating the difference between charter school, public school and private schools," said Chad Emerich.

The Emerich family have a few years of pre-k left but like many parents, they're torn between the lure of city living and the concerns of the Philadelphia School District.

"It's so scary when you're a parent and a lot of times when you move here like myself and my wife, we were single with no children, when your children reach the age of three - your like, 'What are we going to do?" said Drew Murray.

Murray of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, and other Center City groups, began this school fair three years ago.

It was a chance to inform people of their options.

"There are 21 schools. There is public, private, charter and parochial - all being represented tonight," said Murray.

While many of the schools being represented were alternatives to the Philadelphia School District system, like Friends Central and the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, there are some district schools, and parents and administrators say they are good schools.

"If we don't have good public education and have bright people stay in the city, the city is going to wither and all the growth that we've had in recent years is going to go away," said Steve Zelinger, Friends of Chester Arthur.

Not too long ago, the Emerich family thought their time living in the city was dwindling, but now they've' realized that their minds are far from made up.

"When we started the process of looking around, we said, 'There are good choices' and we are 75 percent sure we are going to stay in the city," said Giang Emerich.
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