Fight for funding Pa. public schools headed to court

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Supporters rallied for their cause at Philadelphia City Hall. (WPVI)

The fight for funding in Pennsylvania public schools will come to a head Tuesday when a lawsuit makes its way to the state Supreme Court.

On Monday, supporters rallied for their cause at Philadelphia City Hall.

Students, the band, and faculty from the William Penn School District were joined by Philadelphia community leaders.

The William Penn School District versus the Pennsylvania Department of Education argument is being heard at the State Supreme Court.

"I just started school today and I went into my physics classroom and there's not enough seats for me," senior Jameira Miller said.

Miller is passionate about what she says is the Department of Education's unfair distribution of funds.

"I see this as ridiculous because we're fighting for equality and we're fighting for equal funding. We're fighting for equality and that's something we should have already had," Miller said.

The rally was partially hosted by Philadelphia Councilwoman Helen Gym.

She too says there is an egregious lack of funding for certain Philadelphia schools and students.

"We are the worst state in the nation when it comes to the funding gap between the poorer school districts and the wealthiest school districts. Here in Philadelphia, we've struggled to put teachers in classes," Gym said.

But Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf argued his administration is fixing the issue.

"If you look over the last two years, public education and education at all levels in Pennsylvania has gotten more money," Wolf said.

Governor Wolf says a Basic Funding Education Funding Commission has created a new formula to distribute funds proportionately.

He doesn't want the courts involved.

"I think the right way to continue to do that is the governor's office and the legislature working together, not to put it the hands of the judicial branch," Wolf said.

But those like Miller and Gym say it's too late.

"We've given the state decades to be able to fix the funding that is clearly broken," Gym said.

William Penn School district is one of six school district listed as plaintiffs.
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