Sixers' Boban Marjanovic gets candid about assassin role in 'John Wick 3'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At 7-foot 3-inches with a size 20 shoe, Sixers center Boban Marjanovic is always larger than life.

So imagine what he looks like up on the big screen?

"Bobi" is the newest, biggest star of "John Wick 3," the number 1 ranked movie in the world right now.

The Serbian player was contacted by the movie's director because he was intrigued by his size and the fact he could palm the head of the franchise's star, Keanu Reeves.

After being asked, Marjanovic was beyond excited.

"I was like, John Wick? John Wick? Yes yes yes yes!" he says.

And so he found himself on the set, playing an assassin in a fight scene that gets pretty intense.

At one point during filming, he actually kicked a stuntman 15 feet, then had to do a retake because he kept apologizing.

I pointed out to Boban that he doesn't seem like a cold-blooded killer, and he shot me a look that got me wondering if maybe I'm wrong! Or he's just a natural actor, despite the fact this is his first major role.

He looked very comfortable walking the red carpet, and posing with Hollywood superstars.

The film's co-star Halle Berry told him he did a great job in his scene, and Boban's reaction was "wow."

I mentioned to the center he might get a big head from all this, and he pointed out that he already has one.

Indeed he does, plus the gigantic personality to go along with it.
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