Troubleshooters Update: Arrest warrant issued for sex offender minister

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Last month, the Action News Troubleshooters exposed a convicted sex offender hiding his true whereabouts in plain sight.

Minister Alif Allah has a big presence on social media, as seen on YouTube videos. That is partly because the minister also runs Family Business Credit, which claims to set up companies and charities for a fee.

We started to look into his business several months ago after receiving complaints and uncovered a disturbing discovery.

The minister's true identity is Arthur Commenger.

And, the man behind the cloth turns out to be a registered sex offender.

In November, we alerted state police to his new alias and real address which was not listed on the Megan's Law Registry.

And then we asked Minister Allah about his past.

Nydia Han asked, "Minister Alif Allah, we know your real name is Arthur Commenger and you're a registered sex offender."

In Pennsylvania, convicted sex offenders are required to register their correct address on the Megan's Law website.

Our discovery about the flaw in the registry also raised concerns with victim advocate Rachel Koeppen.

"So it really helps support and enhance safety and protection for victims and the community, when it works," said Koeppen.

And at least in the case of Commenger, and who knows how many others, the system appears to be not working.

The information on the registry is based on the honor system, "self-reporting by the offenders" themselves.

The Philadelphia address Commenger provided for the Megan's Law registry is inaccurate.

The Troubleshooters found him living in Coatesville, at the same address listed on his Family Business Credit website.

Since our investigation aired, we learned state police listed Arthur Commenger on the sex offender registry as "absconded" meaning he has fled.

State police then passed the buck to Philadelphia police which has jurisdiction over the bogus address Commenger provided.

And, Philadelphia police tell us they've issued an arrest warrant.

But, state police never informed Coatesville authorities Commenger is living in their township.

This comes as a surprise to Valley Township Chief Brian Newhall since Commenger's Coatesville home is in his jurisdiction.

Nydia Han said, "It's been six weeks since we alerted state police a convicted sex offender is living in your midst."

"It is disturbing we were not notified," replied Chief Newhall.

Chief Newhall also told us until the Troubleshooters alerted him, he had no record of being contacted.

"Had we been notified, he'd be on our radar and we would be looking for him," he added.

Chief Newhall also said he will be in contact with state police to begin an investigation.
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