Chance encounter leads to new family

A chance encounter on a plane has created a new family for two strangers.

Samantha Snipes was 8 months pregnant when she met Temple Phipps aboard a flight.

Samantha had just left an abusive relationship and was considering putting her baby up for adoption.

Temple wanted to adopt, but was rejected by agencies because she is single.

The two bonded aboard that flight, and when Samantha went into labor three days later, she called Temple, who came right away.

It was then that Samantha asked her to adopt her baby boy.

"Amazing woman who was selfless and courageous and gave me the opportunity to be a mother," said Temple Phipps.

"We're friends. She's like my sister or my mother. I don't have a family anymore. I mean, my whole life started over here," said Samantha Snipes.

Temple is now raising the baby, whose name is Vaughn.

18 months later, the two women say their bond is stronger than ever.
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