Girl enlists help of family dog to pull out loose tooth

Some kids will visit a dentist or use a door knob to help get rid of a loose tooth. Sidney Vasquez and her family, though, called upon their family dog to help solve the 10-year-old girl's dental dilemma.

"For the past few months, my daughter's tooth was giving her such a problem," Carlos Vasquez of Temescal Valley, California, told ABC News. "It was hanging by a thread and refused to leave. But, whenever we'd mention it, she'd get upset. She refused to have the dentist touch it. It was such a hot button for her."

The classic method of tying the tooth to a door knob with string to pull the tooth out was first idea the family came up with. But on June 5, Sidney's dad and brother suggested a different idea: tie her tooth to the tail of their dog Panzer. With her 14-year-old brother Carson capturing the event on video, Sidney's tooth was tied to Panzer and immediately popped out of her mouth after she threw a ball for the dog to chase after.

Carson shared the video of Sidney's tooth-pulling on Facebook, where it quickly gained a lot of online attention. Sidney's dad says that she is really enjoying the attention from her viral tooth pull.

"She loved it 'cause she wants to be a news reporter when she gets older," Vasquez said. "I think it's something we all can relate to. We've all had a tooth issue, but it's fun to laugh about it. It's a good story."

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