Local rapper's song about love for Wawa goes viral

EAST FALLS -- Folks around here are pretty enamored with hoagies and popular convenience store, Wawa.

Now, local rapper Aaron Out has documented his love affair with both in a viral video that has hoagie fans giddy.

"I need a Wawa hoagie. I need a Wawa hoagie. Should I get turkey roast beef or bologna? I need a Wawa tell 'em," he raps.

Aaron is such a Wawa loyal that his language does get a little adult at times in this video - especially when referencing competitors like 7-11 and Sheetz.

He's a Roslyn, Montgomery County native, a mason by day and rapper by night.

He currently lives in East Falls now and spent about six months shooting the scenes at local Wawa stores.

Aaron also says he used to love a turkey classic, but has since changed his diet and is now vegan - meaning he goes for all the veggies.

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