Great weather has people debating how and when to reopen business

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many areas made it to the mid-'80s in temperature Friday, making it the warmest day of the year so far.

"We're sweaty haha. Yeah, sweaty and gross," said Cheryl and Samantha Mitchell after their run-in in Bellevue State Park in Delaware.

In Philadelphia along Kelly Drive in East Falls it was a biker, runner, and walker paradise. Over at Cooper River Park, more the same, even a few boats were out.

It also seemed like groups were doing their best to social distance. However, about half the people were noticed wearing masks, while the other half not.

"Well I don't wear a mask when I'm riding," said Rozime Lindsey of North Philadelphia. "I do wear a mask every time I do go out."

Pat Hamil of Manayunk said, "We're distancing ourselves away from people." For those that did, they believe if they don't it'll lead to bigger problems.

"You're going to end up getting a bigger spike in the virus cases and we'll be back to where we started," said Steven Skoufalos of Haddonfield.

This also led to a bigger discussion: With so many people out Friday and more good weather on the way, when will Philadelphia begin to re-open?

Residents like Lakiia Nasir David says people should have the right to make that choice soon.

"There are some that I believe will be opening up towards the end of this month or next month and I'm gonna feel into it," said David. "If I feel like it's okay to go into a particular business mask or not that's my particular choice. We all have to exercise our own sovereignty in that right."

Others like Samantha Mitchell also said "I feel like this whole situation is your choice. Like if you want to go expose yourself to whatever you're going to expose yourself to that's your decision."

But some aren't so sure about that like Mitchell's mom. Cheryl Mitchell said, "I think as a mom and knowing how things spread I look at it differently. In our house when you have kids and you have the flu and someone is sick, you know how that can pass from person to person."

People like Steven Skoufalos says he wants to wait for treatment before widespread reopening. "I'd say give it some time and make sure we actually have some progress on a vaccine before we take any progress on an action like that."
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