HOA orders teen out of grandmother's 55 and over community after both his parents die

Prescott, Arizona (WPVI) -- A story is gaining a lot of reaction in Arizona after a homeowners association forced a family to move because of who was living there.

Melodie Passmore lives in a 55 and over community in Prescott, Arizona where the rules dictate no children are allowed to reside.

When Melodie's 15-year-old grandson moved in with them, she knew it was a violation, but she was still shocked to get a letter from the HOA ordering him or them to move out.

Her grandson Collin had been tragically orphaned by the sudden death of both of his parents.

The HOA told them it had to balance the interests of all parties not just the passmores.

Although, after the story went viral, the HOA changed its tune.

They are now saying they are working with the family to resolve the living situation.
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