Pets rescued from Ida's path finding new homes in the Philadelphia region

Volunteers brought 60 cats and 50 dogs to the shelter, and the next day the line to adopt was out the door.
WEST CHESTER (WPVI) -- Staffers at the Brandywine Valley SPCA in West Chester, Pa., continue their hard work to find homes for pets affected by Hurricane Ida.

Over the weekend a plane carrying 110 animals, including 60 cats and 50 dogs, landed in Delaware.

Volunteers brought them to the shelter, and the next day the line to adopt was out the door.

A total of 168 animals, including some already in the Pennsylvania shelter, were adopted. A majority of the pets brought to our area were shelter pets in Louisiana awaiting adoption.

"Within 24 hours we had mobilized and brought in 110 animals from Louisiana. As soon as we saw the storm was going to hit we knew we had to take action," said Linda Torelli, the Director of Marketing for the nonprofit.

Several of the organization's volunteers were already in the Louisiana area working under a grant to help mentor the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter, located in Hammond, La., to achieve a greater save rate.

Their position in the Bayou region likely expedited the operation this weekend to clear Louisiana shelters.

"Getting the animals out of the shelter gets them out of harm's way, but it also prepares the shelter for any damage and taking care of local family pets," said Torelli. "Folks who are without power, services, they might need help with their pets, and we want those animals to stay locally in Louisiana so when their families are ready to get them back they can."

"That was a big learning from Katrina and something we really work hard at in the animal welfare community is to make sure local pets who have families stay local and don't get evacuated. A lot of people lost pets forever based on good intentions," added Torelli.

The BVSPCA has another plane and van ready to respond to save more pets from the area, they are on standby for the call.

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FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell told Michael Strahan on GMA that Ida was "one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to make landfall."

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