Cruiser Olympia highlights best of Seaport Museum

The Seaport Museum is home to one of the largest maritime collections in North America.

"The winter is over, the boats are in the water. Ships are ready to go. Come on down to the seaport," says John Brady, President & CEO of the Independence Seaport Museum.

Here, the Delaware River is the star of the show.

"You can rent a paddle boat, a kayak, or a row boat," Brady says, "If you're a little bit older, and you want to see more of the Delaware River, we do kayak expeditions."

One of the museum's highlights is the Cruiser Olympia, and it's the oldest steel warship afloat.

"It served in the Spanish American War and World War I," Brady says. "She was the most famous ship in the country in the 1890s ... she was a pop star!"

The Olympia toured the globe during her prime, and visitors can get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes her so special.

"Olympia is the ship that's all about the beginning of the modern American Navy," says Brady.

Currently on view is USS Olympia... an exhibit paying tribute to the ship's journey during World War I. "Convoy duties, supporting the white Russians in the bulk of the revolution, police and humanitarian work in the Mediterranean," says Brady.

After setting sail, you can bunker down at the Olympia's Admiral's Tavern, a pop-up beer garden.

"There's games to play and things to do and you get to have a look at the ship," says Brady.

The all-new River View Tavern beer garden is a hit.

"Which has got this fantastic view from the bridge all the way around the ship," Brady says. "And it also includes an opportunity to visit the museum after hours.

Visitors can also take a deep dive into the World War II and Cold War era submarine the Becuna, which just turned 75!

"She's open to the public and is really the most wonderful environment that you can descend in to find yourself in a different world," says Brady.

This July, the Seaport's summer camp program will offer hands-on educational fun for kids ages 6 through 12.

"That goes for six weeks. Each week has a different theme some are about the environment, some are about the navy," says Brady.
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