Action News Investigation: Money transfer app phishing scams

Money transfer apps, like Venmo and Paypal, have exploded in recent years.

A new app, Cash App, is growing in popularity with more than 7 million users.

But some scammers are targeting consumers trying to use these apps. Action News wanted to find out how easy it is to become a target.

Unlike some money transfer apps, Cash App gives users a debit card.

"So I got this Cash App card that they sent me," said Judith Lewis. "I went to the store and tried to use it and it would not (work)."

Lewis googled Cash App customer service. She found a 1-800 number.

There was only one problem. The person on the other end didn't work for Cash App. He convinced Lewis to hand over her personal information and told her to uninstall her app then reinstall in an hour.

When she did as she was instructed, $320 in her Cash App account was gone.

"$320 is a lot of money," Lewis said. "It's almost a week's salary."

There are reports of similar Cash App scams across the country of users finding and calling bogus 1-800 numbers.

We decided to open up our own Cash App account.

We did an internet search and called one of the 1-800 numbers.

We explained our fake problem. The rep on the other end told us he needed to verify our account and directed us to, a legitimate website, but one that allows remote access to your computer.

We asked if he was trying to access our computer.

"Yes, sir. To open the cash app account and verify the account," the rep said.

After saying no chance. We pressed the suspected con-artist.

We asked if he knew my Cash App ID, which he did not. But that didn't stop him. It appears he proceeded to log onto our account using my phone number.

"Check your cell phone. I sent you a code," the rep said.

As a precaution, Cash App sends a one-time sign-in code. He requested the code, which would've given him access to my account.

We told the representative that the information with the code said no one representing Cash App would ask for this code over the phone, social media or any other medium.

The representative hung up.

Cash App released a statement, warning that almost all communication is via email within the app.

"The team will never solicit a customer's PIN or sign in code outside of the app," it said.

As for Judith Lewis, Cash App is reimbursing her after alerting the company about the fraud.

"I need my money back because it's not easy," said Lewis.

Cash App has only one toll free number and it's automated.

A Cash App spokesperson issued the following statement regarding phishing scams: "We are always working to protect our customers, which includes educating them about phishing scams. We remind customers that currently (1) the Cash App team generally communicates via email; (2) the email will come from a,, or address; and (3) the Cash App team will never solicit a customer's PIN or sign in code outside of the app. For more information, we encourage customers to visit our website."

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