Investigation underway at Villanova University after multiple sex assaults reported on campus

VILLANOVA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- An investigation is underway at Villanova University after multiple on-campus sexual assaults have been reported in less than a week.

So far, no charges have been announced.

The university says as soon as the reports were made, officials launched an investigation.

The school also sent an alert to the school community.

"We got an email yesterday morning about the incident, and I think, as a girl especially, it's very scary," said Freshman Olivia Lawlor.

"I was kind of surprised because I'm an RA, and we don't usually get emails like that," said Sophomore Ifeanyi Iveanusi.

On Monday, four female students reported that they were sexually assaulted in residence halls by the same known male student. The complaints range from non-consensual sexual touching to non-consensual intercourse.

The university says the suspect is no longer on campus.

"I was honestly very disappointed and very angry. Obviously, I'm glad they caught the individual that did this," said Freshman Gemma Krautzel.

In a separate report on Sunday, Bryn Mawr Hospital notified the university that a fifth female student had been treated for sexual assault on campus. The assault was committed by someone she knew.

The school noted in that case, but the male was not identified, and they don't know whether he is a student. It is unclear if this case is connected to the other four.

Action News spoke to the non-profit Women Organized Against Rape about the sexual assaults reported on campus.

"Schools are really just now getting back into motion. Even though it's March, it's kind of like September, and from a university and college perspective, that's around the time when the highest rates of incidents of sexual assault occur," according to Monique Howard of WOAR.

The school released a statement saying in part, "The University takes all reports of sexual assault extremely seriously and investigates allegations as quickly and thoroughly as possible to ensure fairness to all parties."

"I just feel terrible for the people that it has affected, and definitely makes me keep more of an eye out for things," said Krautzel.

This matter is being investigated by Villanova University Police in consultation with the Delaware County District Attorneys Office.
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