Philadelphia Union's Jack de Vries graduates from high school

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Philadelphia Union's Jack DeVries graduates from high school
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Philadelphia Union's youngest player, Jack DeVries, graduates from high school.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- "I remember going through the years thinking this day would never come, but here we are doing an online graduation," said Jack de Vries, a professional soccer player for the Philadelphia Union.

Because of COVID-19, it was not your typical high school graduation. That being said, de Vries, is not your typical high school senior.

"You're cool on Instagram, people your age are going to college and you're a professional soccer player," says de Vries.

That's right, at just 17, de Vries had already signed his first professional contract, and has been a full-fledged member of the Philadelphia Union for more than a year.

Despite the fact, some veterans, like 33-year-old Alejandro Bedoya, are almost twice his age.

"They're so nice to me because they know I'm the youngest person, and they're very welcoming to me," de Vries tells Action News. "I'm used to it now but when I first got there it was crazy because I watched them when I was so young."

DeVries has been on this path basically his whole life.

His father, Raimo, is also a former MLS player.

"I used to live in Europe, so that was the thing that every kid wanted to be. So I changed my mindset to be a professional soccer player way before 8th grade," he said.

But that is when he came here, to Philadelphia, to live and train with the YSC Academy. Always envisioning graduation, but of course, not quite like this.

"If I'm being completely honest, it didn't feel as special as I would've wanted it to. I'm obviously happy to graduate but it's a little unfortunate that I couldn't have graduated the way I wanted it to," de Vries.