Montgomery County couple shares story of surviving Las Vegas mass shooting

5 years since the Las Vegas mass shooting a Montgomery Couple is sharing their survival story.

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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Montgomery County couple shares story of surviving Las Vegas mass shooting
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Montgomery County couple shares story of surviving Las Vegas mass shooting

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- This weekend marked five years since 58 people died during a mass shooting in Las Vegas, and two more died years later.

For Bob and Katie Fuhrmeister of Montgomery County, it was a night they will never forget.

"You don't get the noises out of your head, I still hear them," said Katie.

She is talking about the noises of those 11 minutes of terror, as 20,000 people ran for their lives.

"Everyone's screaming, we just kept trying to hold on to each other's hands the whole time," she said.

On October 1, 2017 the Fuhrmeisters were in Las Vegas celebrating Katie's birthday, when their lives changed forever.

The sounds of gunshots coming from the 22nd floor of Mandalay Bay sounded like fireworks at first, until the horrific reality set in.

"Once we finally realized that it was gunshots. We ran basically, when everybody else started running is when we ran as well," said Katie.

Crowds scatted across the world-famous Las Vegas strip and some even ran onto active runways of the airport.

"I held hands as we were running across the street with another girl," said Katie.

Bob and Katie ended up at a nearby casino, where Katie realized she had injured her ankle.

Bob was a volunteer firefighter in Montgomery County, but what he saw that night gave him PTSD for life.

"It's a lot after Las Vegas. It affected me a lot," said Bob.

"Nightmares still occur, especially for Bob, he's still has them, he still gets them a lot. His PTSD is actually a lot worse than mine," said Katie.

The trauma of that night made everyday life more difficult for the couple.

"The first actual concert we went to was Luke Bryan and Atlantic City, " said Katie, "It was an inside venue, once you got seated, you were like, alright, where's my best escape route?"

Bonded through tragedy for life 5 years ago, they are now leaning on each other for healing.

"Us having each other it really has been helpful because we can, you know, we understand, you know each other coming together for 22 years." said Katie.

The couple hopes that as time goes by people won't forget the 60 angels lost that night.