Watch local band play polka version of Action News Theme

You've heard the Action News Theme song before, but never like this. Watch as the Polkadelphia plays the Action News theme song in Polka form!

In the mid-Atlantic, you might find shops that only sell new accordions. Or some that only repair accordions. Or ones that only give lessons.

But Liberty Bellows does it all! Owner Michael Bulbof started the business in 2009, and it has grown into a place where they buy, sell, rent, trade, repair, and teach.

Liberty Bellows | Facebook | Instagram
614 S.2nd Street, Philadelphia PA, 19147
(Hours: Tues-Fri, 10-6 / Sat, 10-3 / closed Sunday and Monday)

Visit their You Tube Channel for free starter lessons: Liberty Bellows on YouTube
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