Eagles TE Zach Ertz helps fund youth program to keep kids active, away from Philly violence

Violence in Philadelphia is up at a staggering rate and many young people are being caught up and gunned down.

The city has more than 110 incidents of gun violence involving kids under the age of 18 this year alone.

Lisa Ertz has a mother's heart and she's not just the mother of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, but the mother of four sons, all of whom found their way in this world through sports.

And that is why, when the Public League announced there would be no football this fall - in the underserved area where it is needed most - she feared the outcome could be devastating.

So she turned to her son, Zach, to make a game-changing catch.

He and his wife Julie, along with their Ertz Family Foundation, joined forces with Open Door Abuse Awareness Prevention and Timoteo Sports to fund The Philly Bridge, an after-school football program that meets twice a week and provides inner-city athletes with workouts and leadership training.

It helps to replace the routine of the season that also keeps kids off the streets and away from violence.