Narberth's Louis Knight gets second chance at Top 10 on American Idol

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- American Idol is calling it the second chance of a lifetime.

During Monday night's game-changing episode 10 contestants from last season faced off for one spot in this year's top 10.

Twenty-year-old singer-songwriter Louis Knight from Narberth finally got the chance to take to that famous Idol stage after last season ended virtually. All the contestants performed from home.

His second shot is up to us and our votes!

"I am on here to fight for this spot. I really am," Knight says. "I've been working so so hard throughout this year in this pandemic and trying to trying to take every lesson that I learned from my American Idol journey last year."

Monday night he performed an original love song called "Maybe That."

You'll remember Knight first earned a golden ticket with his original song "Change."

This original song got the support of a whole production crew and the band playing his music.

"That meant everything to me in this world," Knight says about the band complementing his music. "That was honestly the coolest thing to ever happen."

Voting is now open!

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