Moravian College reports 5 mumps cases

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Moravian College reports five confirmed cases of the mumps.

Moravian College told the campus community on Sept. 17 about the Health Center having seen several students with upper respiratory illnesses which had the potential to be mumps cases.

The college notified the Bethlehem Health Bureau and testing began immediately.

Sue Madeja is the Nursing Director for Bethlehem's Health Bureau. She anticipates more students will test positive.

"There's always a risk it could go outside the community, our role is to try and keep it contained within the community of Moravian," Madeja said.

Some of the students who tested positive were vaccinated.

Mumps spreads through saliva and respiratory secretions.

"It can be contagious three days before symptoms show up and up to five days following infection," Madeja said.

The health bureau emphasizes hand washing and not sharing drinks or utensils.

"Don't share drinks, cover your mouth when you cough. The mumps virus is passed by saliva or bodily fluids. So, just keep that in mind if you're near anybody who might be at high risk," said Michael Corr, director of communications.

Symptoms include swelling along the jaw, painful chewing, fever and fatigue. It can also lead to complications like deafness.

The health bureau is asking anyone who shows symptoms to self-isolate.

The Bethlehem Health Bureau will hold vaccination clinics on campus on Tuesday for those students that have been in close contact with confirmed cases and for unvaccinated and under-vaccinated students.
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