Flower prices up ahead of Mother's Day amid disruption in supply chain

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The flower industry is dealing with a shortage this Mother's Day weekend, as COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain.

"Now it's kind of bouncing back, but I think the whole chain of logistics is trying to catch up," said Jake Vanderlinde of Pure Design, a florist in Fitler Square. "Demand is rising for flowers."

Vanderlinde says there was less demand for flowers during the pandemic.

As a result, flower farms around the world slowed down, which affected florists' supply.

Vanderlinde calls it a logistical holdup that affects all the florists in the area.

"Prices go up," added Vanderlinde. "Availability for flowers...it's not crazy hard, but it's definitely more difficult with what it used to be because certain farms aren't producing certain things."

Erik Buitron of Point Breeze says he was frantically shopping Saturday to get last-minute gifts for Mother's Day.

"It's last-minute madness," said Buitron. "We went clothes shopping, shoe shopping, and now last-minute flower shopping."

Buitron says he had difficulty getting flowers because many florists were closed on Saturday. He was able to buy some flowers at Pure Design.

"We've been going back in forth, especially Center City with so much traffic," added Buitron. "We were very lucky. Thank you, God, for letting us come through."

Vanderlinde says a typical stem that may have cost $0.89 now costs between $1.50-$2.00.
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