Mumps cases at Temple, Indiana University rise

Fraternity member is among the sick students in Indiana
Mumps continues to be a problem at college campuses here, and elsewhere in the U-S.

According to the Philadelphia Health Department, there are now 134 people who've gotten sick with mumps in connection with the outbreak at Temple University.

That's an increase of 4 from yesterday, so the rate of new infections may be slowing down.

However, Temple isn't the only major university dealing with mumps.

Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, is also trying to control an outbreak.

Only 6 cases have been reported so far, however, one is a fraternity member who could have had close contact with many others.

So the school is closely monitoring other members, and offering them booster vaccines.

Officials say all of those infected were fully vaccinated as children, which means their immunity has started to wear off.
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