High rip current risk in effect along the shore through Monday night

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Monday, August 26, 2019
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High rip current risk in effect through Monday night. Annie McCormick has more on Action News at 6 p.m. on August 25, 2019.

OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Rip currents up and down the Jersey Shore kept swimmers out of the water on one of the last weekends of the summer.

Dave Vitone owns a house in Ocean City, New Jersey, and came down Sunday to see the erosion on the 9th Street beach.

"We've been down the last couple days. You see the beach which is getting washed away," said Vitone.

Warning flags whipped in the wind on Ocean City and Atlantic City beaches through the weekend.

A high rip current risk remains in effect through Monday night.

Beach Patrols say those currents could be life-threatening.

Friends Keira Gibbons and Carly Breen of Lower Merion said they have one more weekend until school starts, and they're hoping next week they can enjoy the surf.

"It's kinda like too intense to go out in the water today, it's not warm," said Keira.

"We were hoping to go to the beach but guess not," added Carly.