Local teen gets financial support from nonprofit to attend prom

Founder La'Keia Williams of nonprofit 'We Can Do Better' says she's sponsored nine proms in Philadelphia.

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Local teen gets financial support to attend prom
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Nonprofit 'We Can Do Better' has teamed up with community leaders to sponsor proms for youth across Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Luis Puente, a senior at Bartram High School, was all dressed up for prom.

The fun night almost didn't happen for him because of financial reasons.

"It definitely would have been a struggle for me to go to prom. Trying to pay for all the backgrounds and stuff," Puente said.

That's where La'Keia Williams came in. She's the founder of the nonprofit "We Can Do Better."

Williams and members of the community pitched in to make Friday special for Puente.

"Like she really did come through. She really is a life saver," Puente said.

Williams says this is the ninth prom she's sponsored in Philadelphia.

Spencer Nguyen was the first student she helped.

"I would not be able to go to prom to be honest. First it's too far, and that day, I didn't have my own suit," Nguyen said.

While this is the last prom Williams is sponsoring, she says she finds joy in the lives she has impacted.

"I love it. I stay in contact with all of them," Williams said.