Some New Jersey drivers had to brave the snow, slick roads to get to work

Snow pelted the roads and strong wind gusts swept through making the air bitter cold.
PENNSAUKEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Snow accumulated quickly overnight in Pennsauken, New Jersey, and people who were up early to travel for work all agreed the roads were not in the best shape.

Snow pelted the roads early in the New Jersey suburbs Saturday morning, and strong wind gusts swept through making the air bitter cold.

The winter conditions didn't stop people who had to travel for work.

"It's really bad out there. I just came out wiping off my car, it's really icy here but I'm doing it," said Kamio Mccargo.

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It was a fun-filled day in the snow across the Philadelphia region.

"I'm an old pro. I've been doing this for years. The weather doesn't bother me - you drive slow and steady," said Lawrence Brown who was driving to his shift at Home Depot.

After getting a few extra hours of sleep, others woke up to a mound of snow on their cars and got right to work clearing it off.

Meanwhile, it was nonstop for road crews. Some have been working since Friday night.

"It's sticking to the ground because it's getting colder. We just gotta keep working at it. Be smart, stay safe," said Vincent Riviere, a plow truck driver for Camden County.

If you have to head out, try and be conscious of the plows.

"Just take your time, and give those trucks plenty of room to do what they got to do," said Brown.

Crews will continue to work until everything is cleaned up.

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