Inside Story: Previewing national and statewide races ahead of Pennsylvania Primary Elections

ByMaggie Fitzgerald WPVI logo
Saturday, April 20, 2024
Watch April 20 Inside Story | Previewing Pa. Primary Elections
Inside Story - 04/21/24

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Ahead of Tuesday's Pennsylvania Primary Election, Inside Story guest host Sarah Bloomquist and the panelists work their way through the ballot to discuss various races on the national and state levels.

The Presidential race heats up and now involves a campaign trail and a trial.

With former President Donald Trump in a New York courtroom for a hush money trial, President Joe Biden hits the campaign trail in Pennsylvania just days after Trump visited the swing state.

The panelists also evaluate the Kennedy family's endorsement of Biden at his stop in North Philadelphia amid Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent bid for president.

The panel continues the discussion about primary candidates for the Attorney General Race, House Congressional Race and PA Auditor General.

Plus, the PA Senate Race narrows in on Republican candidate David McCormick's (R) push for mail-in voting amongst GOP voters and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner debuts his prolific gun offenders.

Get the Inside Story with panelists George Burrell, Donna Gentile O'Donnell, Liz Preate Havey and Jeff Jubelirer.