Koalas escape from brushfire in Australia

In the midst of a brushfire in Australia, two koalas managed to safely escape with a little help from firefighters.

One koala was rescued by a firefighter in the Liverpool area, just west of Sydney, while another received care after wandering onto a residential street southwest of Sydney.

"I was fighting one of the fires around the back and I had a phone call from my wife mentioning there was a massive koala running through our vacant land," a resident told 9 News in Australia.

The koala got washed off by a firefighter, who tried to wrap it in a jacket, before it slipped out and went to go hide in a tree.

"I think he was just as scared as anyone else I suppose," the resident said. "He's in a good place at the moment and is pretty safe up there."

Officials believe that the Holsworthy fire, which has burned across more than 6,000 acres, may be the work of arsonists.
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