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In this week's Shelter Me, a woman who was so inspired by her rescue pet that she became involved with the Tree Tops Animals Rescue. (WPVI)

In this week's Shelter Me, a woman who was so inspired by her rescue pet that she became involved with the Tree Tops Animal Rescue.

Megan Mcfarland is Vice President of Tree Tops Animal Rescue.

When Megan adopted Lexi, 8-years-ago, she never imagined it would propel her into a world of animal rescue.

"We just realized how wonderful that these rescue dogs are, and that there's so many out there that need great homes," she said.

Since adopting Lexi, Megan has fostered more than 45 dogs.

"None of the foster dogs we've had would be a part of our lives if it wasn't for this one, she really started the chain reaction of fostering and rescuing," said Megan.

Among those many foster's was Frankie, who Megan fell in love with and kept as her own.

"Frankie is definitely a little more shy and reserved, and he's quite the gentleman," said Megan.

Lexi and Frankie have grown to be the best of friends.

Megan said, "They are inseparable. I don't think that they could live without each other because they are so close."

They even help with the fostering process.

"My two dogs can teach new foster dogs how to use the bathroom, and how to interact with other dogs," said Megan.

Megan eventually became the Vice President of Tree Tops Rescue to do more to help animals in need.

She said, "They were this very very tiny organization but very passionate. And all that they wanted to do was rescue. And that's all I wanted to do."

Six-year-old Sweet Pea has a name that suits her well.

"She is as sweet as they come. She loves other dogs. She's excellent. And Just a love bug. All she wants to do is cuddle and kiss you," added Megan.

Bonnie Bell is a Beagle hound mix and loves people.

Megan said, "She's been with us a little while she's incredibly sweet. She's small, very good with kids, gentle and loving. And, she's just great with other dogs."

And there is Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a Chihuahua and she is just adorable. She would do best in a home with older or no children.

If you're interested in Pumpkin or any of the animals you've met today you can visit the Tree Tops Animal Rescue website.

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