'We're all together now': Philadelphia woman adopts 4 kids from same family

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A family from the Juniata section of Philadelphia is celebrating a big day. The Floyds officially adopted four siblings after fostering them for some time.

It's rare to find a silent moment in the Floyd home. The family wouldn't have it any other way.

"We all, we're all together now!" said 10-year-old Serenity Floyd, looking at a couch with three of her biological siblings.

Being together hasn't always been realistic for the family. In fact, this is the first day they've all shared the same last name.

"I didn't want to keep going to the system and travel to different homes, so I asked her, 'Can I be adopted?" said Serenity.

That's where Bobbie Floyd came in.

"When I realized that they were going to be separated, I knew that I had the space and the patience to take them all in," said Bobbie.

She started out as a foster mom for two of the kids, then they kept coming.

"It's never-ending because throughout the years, I feel like I raised one for two years and I got another one, then I raised another for two years and got another one. So it's like I'm still in kindergarten," said Bobbie.

She also has two biological kids of her own. She says she thought about more kids, then tragedy struck her family.

"October 19, 2014, my husband passed away," she explained.

Bobbie says after the husband passed away, her house got a little too quiet for her liking. Two years to the day after that, she got a sign.

"October 19, 2016, I decided to become a foster mother and I got children that day," she said.

She says she's considered the children her own for years, but it finally became official on February 19 when a judge finalized the adoption and gave the children her last name.

"It's amazing that my husband has been gone since 2014 and he's still blessing me with Floyds," she said.
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