Paralyzed Amtrak victim says he is OK with not guilty train derailment verdict

Brandon Bostian faced eight counts of involuntary manslaughter and more than 200 counts of reckless endangerment.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A jury found Amtrak conductor Brandon Bostian not guilty for the 2015 train derailment that left eight dead and hundreds injured.

For one Philadelphia victim, Eli Kulp, a popular chef who was paralyzed, says it brings him back a little bit to that dark period of his life.

"I got the alert on my phone. I felt like I wasn't surprised I wouldn't be surprised with either verdict," said Culp hours after the juror's quick decision.

But still, Kulp says he is okay with the verdict but stresses he only speaks for himself.

Kulp is paralyzed from the accident and lost the use of his hands.

The celebrated chef still holds the position of culinary director for High Street Hospitality Group, which owns Fork Restaurant.

He also started two podcasts focusing on the culinary scene.

"Your mind is a powerful tool. It can really help you get over grief, loss, anything that may have happened to you. If you work for it, you're going to be happy again," Kulp said.

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Bostian faced eight counts of involuntary manslaughter and more than 200 counts of reckless endangerment plus a charge of causing a catastrophe. Two judges prior to this trial threw out the case, but the attorney general fought on appeals.

Outside of court, Bostian's attorney, Brian McMonagle, said, "A good man has been living the ordeal of being asked to pay for a crime he didn't commit, and now he and his family can get back with trying to figure out the rest of his life."

Kulp says he understands both sides and why many family members of those injured or killed kept pursuing punishment for Bostian through the justice system. But for him, he says he's moved forward.

"For me, though, it's a personal decision with how I felt. I think Brandon Bostian has paid a really big price as it is. Some may disagree with me. Personally, I think he has to live with what happened. He has that lack of a better term, blood on his hands for something he did."

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