Local grocery shoppers prep ahead for Eagles playoff game, winter storm

Shoppers tell Action News they're hopeful ahead of the game, but don't want to get too excited.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Some people hit the grocery stores early Friday as they prepare for this weekend's Philadelphia Eagles playoff game and potential winter storm.

It was a busy day for shoppers in Marlton, New Jersey, and South Philadelphia as shoppers stocked up on the typical supplies that fly off store shelves when a storm approaches.

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The Director of Operations for Rastelli Market Fresh, Chris Mentzer, said they were busy preparing Friday for the weekend rush.

"When we stock up today, it could be out by tomorrow. It doesn't mean we're going to necessarily get it back in," said Mentzer.

His best advice for shoppers is to buy what you need when you see it.

Call it the perfect storm if you will, the Eagles playoff game plus a winter storm expecting to sweep in after --Mentzer recommends hitting the grocery store Friday night or early Saturday morning.

"For football, snacks will be flying off the shelves, but with the added snowstorm, you're going to see milk, a lot of dairy and bread, which obviously goes quickly," Mentzer said.

Shoppers were out getting a head start Friday afternoon, hoping to avoid the rush. At the Acme in South Philadelphia, shoppers said the Eagles game is what they were shopping for. Preparing for the winter storm came second.

"We always prepare for the Eagles game. We're getting chicken wings, chicken cutlets, long hots, stuffed long hots," said Andrea Toscano.

Shoppers tell Action News they're hopeful ahead of the game, but don't want to get too excited.

"We're huge underdogs, but we've been down this road before, so looking forward to having them show us the Philly pride," said Jennifer Lynch.

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