Street closures, other info for Made in America festival

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Made in America weekend has arrived!

Here is the information you need to know as released by the City of Philadelphia:

Festival Activities & Information

The 2017 Budweiser Made in America artists will perform on five stages along the Parkway on Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd. Performances are scheduled to begin at 1:00PM. and doors will open each day at noon. Performances will run until approximately 12:00AM on Saturday and 11:30PM on Sunday. For tickets, lineup and general information about the Budweiser Made in America Festival, visit

Road Closures

To accommodate the venue construction and two-day festival, gradual road closures along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in sections of the Fairmount neighborhood will begin on Sunday, August 27th, with the number and magnitude of street closings and parking restrictions increasing each day. Those phases of closures are laid out below. All roadways will re-open prior to morning rush hour on Tuesday, September 5th with traffic patterns returning to normal. Some low-impact parking and travel lane restrictions will remain in place until 11:59PM on Tuesday, September 5th.

Delays can be expected during the course of the event construction set-up and during festival days. Motorists are advised to avoid the area by using alternate routes, and allow for extra driving time in the areas near these festivities before and during Labor Day weekend. Please refrain from double-parking, which creates congestion, limits traffic flow and is illegal.

Phase 1 - 7:00AM on August 27 - 11:59PM on September 5:

Two lanes of Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Phase 2 - 7:00AM on August 28 - 5:00AM on September 5:

Spring Garden Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Phase 3 - 7:00AM on August 29 - 11:59PM on September 5:

Parking prohibited on Pennsylvania Avenue from 22nd Street to 23rd Street (south side) and Park Towne Place from 22nd Street to 24th Street (north side)

Phase 4 - 10:00AM on August 30 - 5:00 AM on September 5:

The inner lanes of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, between 20th Street and Eakins Oval,

Cross traffic on numbered streets will be permitted

Phase 5 - 7:00PM on August 31 - 5:00AM on September 5:

22nd Street reduced to one running lane between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Phase 6 - 10:00AM September 1 - 5:00AM September 5:

Outer lanes of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, between 20th Street and Eakins Oval

23rd Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benjamin Franklin Parkway

22nd Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Park Towne Place

21st Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Winter Street

Kelly Drive outbound, from Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Fairmount Avenue

Outer lane of MLK Drive adjacent to Paine's Park

Starting at 10:00AM on Friday, September 1st, due to the closure of the outer lanes on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, traffic headed inbound (to Center City), from Spring Garden Street Bridge or Martin Luther King Drive, must exit Eakins Oval on the 24th Street ramp. Traffic headed inbound on Kelly Drive must exit Kelly Drive at Fairmount Avenue.

Phase 7 - 10:00AM September 2 - 5:00AM September 5:

The full extent of road closures around the festival site will begin at 10:00AM on Saturday, September 2 and remain through the duration of the event. A complete list of road closures and no parking restrictions is outlined below:

Closures list

The entire width of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, beginning at 20th Street extending through Eakins Oval (25th Street) and behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art. - The rear of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be accessible to Museum guests via Fairmount Avenue, to Pennsylvania Avenue, to 25th Street.

21st Street, between Winter & Spring Garden Streets

22nd Street, between Race Street & Fairmount Avenue

23rd Street, between the Benjamin Franklin Parkway & Fairmount Avenue

24th Street, between Fairmount & Pennsylvania Avenues

Spring Garden Street, between 20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including the Spring Garden Street Tunnel.

Spring Garden St Bridge* (The City will make every effort to keep this bridge open during Philadelphia Art Museum operating hours on September 2nd and 3rd 10am - 5pm, but it may be forced to close during periods of heavy pedestrian traffic)

Kelly Drive, between 23rd Street & Fairmount Avenue

Martin Luther King Drive, between the Falls Bridge & Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Pennsylvania Avenue, between Hamilton & 25th Street

2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, between the Whole Foods store & 21st Street (the eastern half of the block, from the Whole Foods Market to 20th Street, will remain open to allow access to the store)

Park Towne Place, between 22nd & 24th Streets

I-676 westbound off-ramp at 22nd Street (I-676 eastbound off-ramp at 23rd Street will be open)

No Parking:

Pennsylvania Avenue, between 22nd Street & Fairmount Avenue (south side of street)

Winter Street, between 20th & 22nd Streets (both sides of street)

20th Street, between Vine & Callowhill Streets (east side of street)

21st Street, between Benjamin Franklin Parkway & Race Street (both sides of street)

22nd Street, between Winter & Spring Garden Streets (both sides of street)

Park Towne Place, between 22nd & 24th Streets (both sides of street)

SEPTA and Paid Parking Information

Broad Street and Market Frankford Lines: Local train service will operate on a normal weekend schedule throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. Race-Vine and City Hall Stations on the Broad Street Line and 15th Street Station on the Market Frankford Line provide easy walking access to the festival gates on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The Broad Street and Market Frankford Lines will offer overnight service as usual on Saturday.

Regional Rail: Late-night train service will be available on SEPTA's Regional Rail Lines on Saturday and Sunday nights departing from Jefferson, Suburban and 30th Street Stations. Special schedules will be posted in stations and are also available online at: If the concert runs late on Saturday or Sunday, these trains will be held for approximately 20 minutes after the concert ends. Parking is free at all SEPTA-owned Regional Rail lots on weekends. Parking lot location information is available online at:

Trolley: Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36 offer convenient service to and from the concert, with 19th and 22nd Street Stations providing easy walking access to Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Trolley Route 15 connects with Broad Street and Market Frankford Line service at Girard Avenue.

Bus: Due to Festival-related street closures, SEPTA Routes 7, 32, 33, 38, 43 and 48 will be detoured from its normal routes through the Benjamin Franklin Parkway area beginning at 10:00am on Friday, September 2nd through 5:00 am on Monday, September 5th. Specific route changes are available on the System Status Page at

SEPTA Customer Service will extend its hours of operation on Saturday and Sunday, with phone and online agents available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Customer service can be reached at 215-580-7800 and directly on Twitter @septa_social. For more information on SEPTA and NJ Transit routes and schedules during Labor Day weekend, visit or call 215-580-7800, and or call 973-275-5555.

PHLASH transportation is an inexpensive way to visit key attractions in Center City and the Parkway vicinity, with stops at 22 locations including many in Center City. Find PHLASH on the go, with live updates at and visit for a schedule and route details.

Rideshare: Taxi, Uber, and Lfyt designated drop off and pick up locations are along the 2100 block of Spring Garden St and the 1900 block of Arch St.

If driving, commercial off-street parking lots and garages conveniently are located on or near the Parkway. Contact individual facilities in advance for rates and availability, or visit the Philadelphia Parking Authority's website at for a list of parking options. The Budweiser Made in America Festival is not affiliated with these parking facilities.

Cultural Institutions

Most of the cultural institutions on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will maintain normal hours of operation and, in some cases, even extend schedules during the Festival and throughout Labor Day weekend.

During the Budweiser Made in America Festival, the west entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be open and visitors may obtain access via pathways north and south of this entrance. Art Museum Drive will be open at 25th Street, with access to the museum's parking garage for museum visitors throughout the weekend. Anne d'Harnocourt Drive will be accessible for visitor drop off, Art Museum staff, and event staff after their vehicles are searched at PPD checkpoints on either end of Anne d'Harnocourt Dr. Rocky Statue will not be accessible Friday evening after 5pm through Sunday.

The Franklin Institute will be open throughout Labor Day weekend, and the parking garage located at 21st & Winter Streets will be accessible.

Visit or the institutions' individual websites for more information on exhibit hours, ticketing, parking, accessibility and accommodations.

Venue Details and Public Safety Information

The Budweiser Made in America venue features multiple entrances/exits for ticket-holders during the two-day festival. Entrances are located at 21st Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Re-entry to the venue will not be permitted on either day.

The perimeter of the festival will be firmly secured and protected for maximum public safety. The enclosed event boundaries are:

21st Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Park Town Place

Pennsylvania Avenue from 20th Street to 25th Street

The south side of Eakins Oval from Martin Luther King Drive to 24th Street

Park Towne Place from 24th Street to 20th Street

Throughout the event, the City will provide enhanced law-enforcement support and emergency medical services on the parkway and vicinity. The City and Budweiser Made in America are coordinating with local, state and federal public safety authorities to utilize a network of prevention and response services, which will be integrated, mobile and in constant communication.

Access to the venue is limited strictly to ticket-holders, who will be subject to searches before being permitted inside the venue to ensure the enjoyment and safety of everyone at the festival. Ticket holders should be prepared for additional searches inside the venue at the discretion of festival security staff. Spectators are strongly discouraged from carrying bags, backpacks, or satchels of any kind. All bags are subject to search. The public can do their part by using common sense. If you are attending the festival activities, plan ahead regarding driving, public transit, parking, supervision of children and wearing comfortable attire.

There is an ADA/Accessible Entrance at the Main Gates on Benjamin Franklin Parkway at North 20th Street. Festival attendees requiring accessible accommodations for guest screening and arriving via vehicle can be dropped off at 24th and Park Towne Place.

Leave no bags or items unattended. In an emergency or to report a suspicious person, activity or item (a backpack, a package, a container), notify a police officer immediately or call 9-1-1. Do not try to open, move, cover or touch a suspicious item.

Items allowed inside the venue include:

Factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 per person up to 1 liter

Empty plastic water containers 1 per person up to 64 ounces for re-use at water refill stations (drinking water will be available for purchase and there will be water stations for re-filling bottles)

Empty hydration packs of any kind (backpacks, waist bands or other hydration items and inserts)

One small non-framed backpack or bag subject to search and re-search (all searched bags will be tagged following search)

Blankets and towels

Umbrellas (small hand-held only)

Non-professional cameras, flip-cams, camera phones

Sunscreen, sunglasses, government issued I.D., cash/debit cards/credit cards are encouraged

Items NOT allowed inside the venue include but are not limited to:

Weapons and contraband of any kind (regardless of permitting, e.g. Right-to-Carry permits will not be honored and weapons will be confiscated)

Masks of any kind


Fireworks or explosives

Illegal or illicit substances of any kind

Food and non-water beverages including alcohol taken in from the outside

Pets (except trained service animals)

Flyers, handbills, posters, stickers (no solicitation allowed)


Glass containers

Skateboards, motorized vehicles or scooters


Professional recording devices or cameras (no detachable lenses or tripods meant for commercial use)

Fluorescent plastic lights (glow sticks)

Laser pointers

Items that would obstruct others' view of the stages (kites, flag poles, large signs, etc.)

Made in America is a "No Drone Zone". Drone use is prohibited, and the use of drones over groups of people or over stadiums is a violation of FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft. See something, say something if you see a drone operating in the vicinity of Made in America.

The Budweiser Made In America festival is an all-ages event. However, to enter the festival beer garden areas, you must be 21+ and have valid photo ID. Underage drinkers will be detained.

Smoking is not permitted on any Parks & Recreation property including, but limited to, buildings, playgrounds, ice or skating rinks, fields or courts, pools, picnic areas, walking areas and parking lots.

Take missing or lost persons to Info Booth #3 located next to the Main Merchandise Booth.

Found items can be taken to various information tents placed throughout the venue, with the primary lost and found located at Info Booth #3 located next to the Main Merchandise Booth

Alpha-numeric "Location Markers" will be posted to clearly and easily identify a location or section (by letter and number, example: CD-1) to facilitate communication in the event of an emergency.

EMS tents are located near the main entrance between 21st and 22nd, at the north and south sides of 23rd Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and near the Rocky Statue to the right of the main stage.

Portable facilities, including ADA-compliant units, will be available for use throughout festival grounds. Festival attendees requiring accessible accommodations for guest screening are encouraged to enter the festival at the VIP check in at 24th and Park Towne Place.

For more information on the venue, concessions, accommodations and directions, visit

Emergency Weather Alerts & Heat-related Precautions Information

Budweiser Made in America is a rain or shine event. In the case of severe weather, listen for announcements, and sign up to receive free ReadyPhiladelphia Made in America event specific emergency text alerts by texting "America" to 888-777. Visit and click on "Sign up for alerts" to receive additional alerts after Made in America such as SEPTA delays and service interruptions. Plan for a safe, informed holiday.

In the event of high temperatures, be aware of the risk of heat-related health issues. EMS personnel will be on duty all day at accessible first aid stations and will be on patrol to monitor activities. Many heat stress or heat exhaustion issues can be avoided by taking simple precautions.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water; avoid over-indulging in alcoholic liquids, caffeine and avoid wearing excessive layers of clothing.

Consider the Three L's Rule: light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting. Wear garments made of natural fibers like cotton.

For more information on how to stay safe and cool during hot weather, please review these tips:

For tips and general information about being prepared and ready at special events, read the Special Event Safety Guide before you attend available HERE.

Trash Removal

All streets will be cleaned after each day and trash containers on festival grounds will be emptied during and after the events.