SWAT officer struck in bulletproof vest in North Philadelphia shooting

"Cops are getting tired. They're getting tired of getting shot," said Lodge 5 FOP President John McNesby.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Philadelphia police SWAT officer was hit in the bulletproof vest after a shooting on Friday afternoon in North Philadelphia.

Police say SWAT was in the 100 block of West Lehigh Avenue to serve a search warrant around 12:40 p.m.

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said the officers were going up the stairs of a building there. As they approached a third-floor unit at least two shots were fired by the suspect, Outlaw said.

The officer was struck in the chest. However, the bullet did not penetrate the officer's vest.

The suspect fled through a rear window while still holding a gun, Outlaw said, and dropped to a second-floor roof.

However, he encountered SWAT officers acting as rear containment.

One of those SWAT officers fired, Outlaw said, but the suspect - who was still allegedly holding a weapon - was not hit.

He was taken into custody and a gun has been recovered.

That suspect had a warrant for narcotics distribution, Outlaw said, and this is now the scene of a HAZMAT situation since the suspect was known to manufacture drugs.

The officer who was struck was taken to Temple University Hospital to be checked out. He has since been released.

With yet another police officer shot, FOP President John McNesby says he's grateful we're not planning another funeral.

But he says this incident speaks to the increasing lawlessness in Philadelphia as they struggle to keep the residents of this city safe.

"Cops are getting tired. They're getting tired of getting shot," said Lodge 5 FOP President John McNesby.

The shooting comes nearly two years after another SWAT officer, Corporal James O' Connor, was shot and killed while attempting to serve a warrant back in March 2020.

McNesby says the city is being plagued by a culture of lawlessness being fueled by a 'soft-on-crime' agenda that is endangering the lives of citizens.

"It's getting old. How many have been shot this year? How many carjackings? Let us do our job," said McNesby.

At least five police officers have been shot and killed nationwide so far this year.

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