Mask mandate: Philadelphians adjusting to latest COVID-19 restrictions

Thursday, August 12, 2021
Mask mandate: Philadelphians adjusting to latest COVID-19 restrictions
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"I think I'd rather just do it for the safety of us," said Carly Carulli on Philadelphia's new mask mandate.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With the heat bearing down on sports fans in Philadelphia, there were more than a few grateful the city's new COVID-19 restrictions spared the masses from masks while at least seated during the Phillies game.

"You know, just trying to stay cool see the Phillies win today," said one fan.

Under the city's new restrictions, masks are required while indoors and at unseated outdoor gatherings of more than one thousand people.

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Still, some are choosing to mask up regardless.

"I think I'd rather just do it for the safety of us regardless even though we are vaccinated," said Carly Carulli from South Philadelphia.

Others remain puzzled of where and when to mask up.

"It is a little confusing, but we didn't do our due diligence either and find out what we needed here. Every place is different right now," said Jennifer French.

At the world-famous Termini Brothers, masks must stay on.

"We're rule followers and we want to lead by example," said Vincent Termini.

It's admittedly tougher during a heat wave in an 80-year-old building with limited air-conditioning.

"It's excruciating, it's exhausting, but it's something that we have to do," Termini added.

For now, management said proof of vaccination is not a requirement, but even if they did want to enforce it, it'd be a challenge to do it in more ways than one.

"We barely have enough people to wait on customers behind the counter, let alone have a bouncer at the door checking card. To have the burden on small businesses is just too much to handle," Termini said.

Other small businesses, like Mole Poblano, will continue enforcing things like social distancing, outdoor dining, and takeout for anyone including those opposed to restrictions.

"We're trying to make them comfortable even though we're going through this situation. We're doing everything that we can," said hostess Dafne Nava.