Philly police inspector's nephew dies of gun violence

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Philadelphia police inspector is dealing with his own family tragedy amidst the calls for police cuts, racial injustice and teen violence.

Inspector Derrick Wood says he is committed to reducing the gun violence that has plagued the city he patrols.

He also supports both the Black Lives Matter movement and police reform. All while mourning the death of his nephew.

"He had a bright future ahead of him, but it was cut short," said Wood.

His name was Tyshsawn Woods, and he was shot three times on the 4400 block of Old York Road this week. Making him the 176th homicide victim of the year in Philadelphia.

Woods who is the commanding officer of the Southwest police division, took to Twitter in a post saying: "My nephew's name is Tyshawn Woods, he was a 22-year-old black man. Say his name. His life mattered #BLM."

"All the changes that are coming about, police brutality, reform, ending racism are noble causes and I support them 100 percent, said Woods. "But what I don't want to get lost is that we lose a lot of young people to gun violence, every year all across the country including Philadelphia," said Wood.

Tyshsawn Woods' murder happened against the backdrop of protests following the death of George Floyd. Inspector Wood has been outspoken about the uptick in city violence and homicides on social media.
"I would love to see the same energy that we have for ending racism, and police brutality and reform, be put towards ending some of the gun violence in our cities," said Wood.

As the call for action for young people grows, Woods said, "When you see your friends going down the wrong way, get involved, try to talk them down."

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