Bensalem engineers invent revolutionary golf putter

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Monday, July 11, 2022
Bensalem engineers invent revolutionary golf putter
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"Makefield Putters" scored the PGA's award for most innovative golf club technology this year.

BENSALEM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "Here I am, an engineer and a serious golfer," said Everett Farr. "I never really realized how the initial contact of a ball when putted makes such a big difference."

That wasn't until Farr's prior job was curtailed due to the pandemic.

"My son's severely autistic. He's 30 now," said Farr. "I was forced to go home early to help my wife. The assistant couldn't come in."

With some spare time at home, Farr became invested in watching YouTube videos about golf putters. And despite each club's beauty and excellent craftsmanship, he thought he could do better on an engineering level.

"Instead of a project, I'm going to make a company out of this," he said. "We kept playing around and we came up with the prototype."

Farr and his business partners launched, "Makefield Putters," with its manufacturing headquarters in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. They put their brains together and found the best weight options, center of gravity, loft relative to the shaft angle, and other optimizations for a golf putter.

Their invention was a putter with three back channels that house adjustable amounts of tungsten, stainless steel, or aluminum cartridges. State-of-the-art technology in their fitting room allows customers to have their playstyles analyzed for the perfect custom club combination.

"It's probably one of the best inventions I ever saw," said John Feuerer from Bensalem. "You can change the weight. In most putters, you can't do that."

Makefield Putters took home the award for most innovative new golf club technology at the PGA Show in January 2022. And while they hope their clubs continue to swing across the country, these business partners are simply thrilled to be working together.

"We believe in local, that's why we set up manufacturing in Bensalem, here with a community of people that love it," said co-founder Matthew Fuchs. "Maybe it won't be the biggest kajillion business in the world. We're happy just building a good business for our community and our families."

To learn more about the Makefield Putter, where to purchase and how to schedule a fitting consultation, visit their website.

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