76ers' Matisse Thybulle tests his knowledge of Philly slang

"I've been in Philly for a minute now, and I finally think I got the slang down," Thybulle said
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- People moving to the Philadelphia area soon realize we have our own lingo.

One local sports star seems to have done a great job learning those words and phrases that make Philly Philly (did someone say Philly Philly?).

Recently, Red Bull USA put 76ers guard Matisse Thybulle to the test.

The Arizona native, who spent time growing up in Australia, signed with Philly in 2019.

So Thybulle has had about three years to study up.

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"I've been in Philly for a minute now, and I finally think I got the slang down," Thybulle said in the video released by Red Bull. "Time to put my knowledge to the test."

Here's how he did:

Matisse's Response: No idea.
Meaning: Alright.
Incorrect: 0/1

Matisse's Response: Delaware County.
Meaning: Delaware County.
Correct: 1/2

Matisse's Response: Like Jersey Shore?
Meaning: Jersey Shore.
Correct: 2/3

Matisse's Response: The train. Subway.
Meaning: SEPTA's elevated trains; Market-Frankford Line.
Correct: 3/4

Matisse's Response: Hoagie is a sandwich.
Meaning: Sandwich, sub, hero, what you get at Wawa.
Correct: 4/5

Matisse's Response: Jawn is anything I think.
Meaning: A noun. Person, place or thing. Anything Philly wants it to be.
Correct: 5/6

Matisse's Response: Like an OG. An older person.
Meaning: An older person.
Correct: 6/7

Matisse's Response: I think that's some form of cheese.
Meaning: A cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz.
Correct: 7/8

Matisse's Response: Wooder is water.
Meaning: Water.
Correct: 8/9

Matisse's Response: Youse is the Philly version of ya'll.
Meaning: You as in a group.
Correct: 9/10

Yo, way to go, Matisse!

But if you want to keep studying, we have a perfect teacher for you - Leslie Odom Jr.

The "Hamilton" star gave Vanity Fair a lesson in Philly slang just last year.

Youse can take a look at the jawn here:
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