Video of a 4-year-old feeding pit bulls sparks online controversy

In this viral video, a 4-year-old girl shows the world how she is in full control of a six-pack of full grown pit bulls, who show incredible obedience as she feeds them dinner. However, the video has also sparked heated debate about whether or not the girl was put at risk. Take a look.

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The video, originally posted to Facebook, stirred controversy with some saying that the girl was in real danger considering the unpredictable behavior of pit bulls.

"So dangerous, one wrong look and this will be a blood bath," wrote Facebook user Pam B.

Still, others -- including the adult filming the video -- contend that the video serves as evidence that even a small child can tame the massive breed with a notorious reputation through obedience training.

"Pit bulls are only cruel if the owner makes them that way. It's all about how they are raised and what kind of environment they grow up in," wrote Facebook user Isaac A.

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