President Biden visits Chester small business Tuesday on first stop of national tour

CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- President Joe Biden began his national tour in Chester, Pennsylvania on Tuesday promoting his stimulus package to Americans and explaining how it'll impact everyday lives.

Biden made a stop at Smith Flooring, a Black, woman-owned union-operated business around 3:30 p.m. He was joined by owners Kristin Smith and James Smith.

"Don't give up. If you want to start a business or if you want to go to school or achieve a goal, it's doable," said Kristin.

It's no secret that it has been tough lately for the residents of Chester. Plenty of buildings are vacant. Last spring, City Hall declared a financial emergency and neighbors say there hasn't been much to look forward to.

"The crime here is horrible. It's bad. We would like to see more police on the streets," said resident Denise Robinson.

"We need a better structure for these kids," said resident John Mumford.

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland says the City of Chester will receive $31.8 million of aid.

"What this stimulus will do for our community is be able to bring us up out of the ashes, right up like a phoenix," said Kirkland.

Biden's administration is putting in an all-out effort to explain how struggling Americans can get back on their feet.

"For the next couple of weeks, you're really going to hear them talk about how this bill is going to affect your family and how can you benefit from it," White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said.

As the administration travels to get the word out, Republicans continue to say too little of the relief is targeted for COVID.

Biden argues that everything in the plan is needed to lift the country out of the pandemic.

Some of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package, known as the American Rescue Plan Act, includes $1,400 checks, a child tax credit, and a $300 weekly boost to unemployment benefits.

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"By the time all the money is distributed, 85% of American households would have gotten the $1,400 rescue checks. It provides the biggest investment in childcare since World War II and it provides food and nutrition health for millions of families," Biden said.

Republicans believe the bill is too bloated with extra measures.

"To call this COVID relief is really false advertising. Only nine percent of the money actually goes to defeating the virus," said U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, (R-WY).

The President will stay in Wilmington, Delaware overnight and from there head out to the rest of the country to continue his tour.

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