President Joe Biden's visits to Delaware disrupts business for local airfield

That 30-mile radius no-fly zone includes New Garden Airfield.
NEW GARDEN TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- After a busy few days in Washington, President Joe Biden will be home in Delaware for a quick visit this week.

While most Delaware residents are used to it, it has caused more disruptions than usual now that he's president.

The president usually lands in Wilmington, Delaware, but when he flies into town, there is a no-fly zone and it impacts business miles away.

Some of the student flights at the New Garden Aviation camp in Chester County will have to be grounded this week.

"It is certainly a big disappointment. Many of these campers are coming in from out of town. We have campers from Colorado, San Francisco, North Carolina, South Carolina," said Jonathan Martin, aviation director at Garden Airfield.

Martin says Biden has been coming home to Delaware more frequently, and when he does, a temporary flight restriction is put in place until he leaves.

That 30-mile radius no-fly zone includes New Garden Airfield.

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"The president decided to come home this week, and it is more or less creating a lot of havoc with our schedule because an aviation camp is not so much an aviation camp without the aviating and being able to fly. This is not a Biden comment at all. I mean, this is a temporary flight restriction validity question that I am throwing out there. I certainly understand the protection of our president," said Martin.

Martin understands Biden has a right to come home, but he says there has to be a solution that would allow businesses like his to continue operating. For now, when the president is in town, he takes a financial hit.

"If the airplanes are not flying, they are not going to be in the maintenance shop as much. So the revenue for the maintenance shop is down as well," Martin said. "The flight school revenue is certainly down. The flight instructors are concerned. Some of them are having to look elsewhere for work."

Thankfully, the president's visits will not cancel the aviation summer camp, but unfortunately, some students won't get their flight time. Martin says he'll continue to try to reach the White House in hopes of working out a compromise.

Action News reached to the White House for a response and has not yet heard back.

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