Police issue warning after uptick in mail thefts reported in Radnor Township

Officials say the red flag on mailboxes to indicate outgoing mail is unfortunately a signal to thieves to look inside.
RADNOR TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Radnor Township police are looking for whoever is responsible for stealing mail, and in some cases, personal checks from mailboxes.

"It's shocking. It's something you just never think about," said resident Meghan Murphy.

Police tell Action News they've been getting reports of mail thefts since December, and that the numbers are increasing.

"We have seen an uptick at the beginning of this year. We're up to 10 cases," said Radnor Township Police Sgt. E Christopher Gluck.

Some neighbors in Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Wayne and possibly even outside the township are falling victim, according to police.

"Times have changed. Everything is electronic now and a lot of folks pay their bills online, but I don't think there's much that we send in the mail other than checks these days," Gluck said.

Gluck said the red flag on mailboxes to indicate outgoing mail is unfortunately a signal to thieves to look inside.

In at least one incident, a victim realized their checks were stolen, altered and cashed for a higher amount.

"I do send checks in the mail, so it makes me think a little differently about it," Murphy said.

To help prevent theft, investigators suggest:

- Hand your outgoing mail to your Postal Carrier or take it to Post Office directly for delivery

- Do not leave your mail inside the mailbox overnight

- If applicable, pay bills online

- If you are expecting and did not receive a check, or other valuable property, contact the issuing agency immediately for verification

- Do not send cash in the mail

- Place a security camera nearby the mailbox

"If you do see someone going through your mailbox, we ask that you get a description of the vehicle, color, the year, the make and model and the license plate if possible as well as a description of the actor," Gluck said.

Investigators said the more clues the better when it comes to trying to catch who's responsible.
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