Motorcyclists travel throughout Philly to bring awareness to violence and tragedy

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As the epidemic of violence rages on in Philadelphia, a group of motorcyclists traveled around the city this weekend to hear the stories of some of those who've lost a loved one.

About 100 motorcyclists left City Hall Sunday afternoon as part of an event called "Ride 4 Peace," organized by Philly Bikefest.

Cobbs Creek resident Sandra Dickerson lost her 29-year-old son Satuan to a motorcycle accident in 2019. She also lost her brother and nephew to gun violence.

"I know the whole spectrum of violence in this city and it's horrible the way these children are dying behind guns. I wish that they did have some kind of reform for these guns to stop these children from dying in these streets," she said.

Dickerson wants to warn motorcyclists to always wear their helmets, one of the contributing factors to her son's death.

"Until you see your child laying in the street from dying from a motorcycle, you will see why I say it's so important to wear your helmet," said Dickerson. "Please wear your helmet."

Event organizers partnered with Philadelphia police and community residents to ride to four different homes in total. Their locations varied from Cobbs Creek to Northeast Philadelphia.

"We're just taking our time to go and show some love to these four families and talk about what happened," said organizer Michele Jackson. "Let the family speak and then we'll say a prayer over the area and then go to our next location."

Participants said they know they can't stop violence in the city but they can unify together to show one another that they care.

"All the crime that's going on in the city, this just brings awareness," said Lefty Alston of East Oak Lane.
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