Some Marlton, New Jersey parents outraged over proposed school bus cuts

MARLTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Several parents in the Colt's Run home development in Marlton, New Jersey are concerned their children would soon have to cross a major thoroughfare due to school district budget cuts.

The major intersection at Evesboro-Medford Road is causing many parents to have sleepless nights.

"I'm really scared for the kids. I've gotten hit almost going across that road or walking that way," said Kelly Broadbent.

The proposal would end busing for the subdivision where close to 100 children are currently driven to school.

But the intersection, where several children would have to cross if busing gets canceled, is known for speeding drivers.

Parents are offered subscription busing, but costs about $350 per child for a seat on the bus. That, on top of high property taxes, has many parents fed up.

"The greatest worry is that something happens to your child and the idea that somebody's not looking for one instant, which we all are guilty of being preoccupied like I can't even begin to imagine," said Broadbent.

The Evesham Township School Board is set to vote on the issue Thursday.

"The most important detail is busing is not being canceled for that neighborhood. Busing is still an option there as we are piloting subscription busing," the school district said in a statement.

The district went on to say it is in "year four of seven consecutive years of reductions in state funding."
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