Shelter Me: Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary

MAYS LANDING, N.J. -- A rooster from the Funny Farm Rescue Animal and Sanctuary finds a new home.

Knuckles is right where he belongs, in the perfect home.

Laurie Zaleski is the founder and she says, "Seeing knuckles in his new home, he is the king over there with all his ladies."

The lone rooster among 10 hens, Knuckles fits right in despite his deformed left foot.

Lisa Hinch adopted Knuckles in August.

"He moves very fast when he wants to. He uses his wings to balance, so he has no trouble now," says Lisa.

Knuckles is just one of the adoptions made by the Funny Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Laurie says, "We can provide them a forever home until they pass, but if we can help them, and get them a home, than we're very happy."

The 15 acre farm has grown since Action News last visited in November.

"We now have visitors. We have volunteers, so it's a whole team, so we're able to build more and rescue more," said Laurie.

Visiting days are Tuesday and Sunday.

Visitors can meet Daisy, a thousand-pound hog and George her potbelly pal.

The farm is filled with more than two hundred animals and most are available for adoption.

There are so many unwanted animals out there in the world," added Laurie.

If you're interested in any of the animals, you can visit the Funny Farm Animal and Sanctuary website.

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