Sick NJ teen stuck in Finland

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a bed ready for a sick teen from North Jersey.

The problem is the 13-year-old is stuck in Europe.

Doctors back in September couldn't figure out why Marco Ziccardi's tongue was swelling.

His mom flew him to her home country of Finland to seek treatment.

Doctors have since diagnosed Marco with a motor neuron disease that is destroying his ability to walk, speak, breath, and swallow.

His condition is now so delicate, he can only return to the United States in a full ambulatory flight.

His father has started a gofundme page in the hopes of raising money for the transport, which is not covered by insurance.

"You do anything for your kid. And when your hands are tied and you're not able to grant a simple request it's devastating," said. Vito Ziccardi.

The Ziccardi family hopes to have Marco back in the United States by Christmas.
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