Snakes showing up in Australian toilets in search for water

QUEENSLAND, Australia (WPVI) -- Here's probably the last thing you want to see when you need to go to the bathroom: A snake in your toilet!

It's happening all too often at homes in northern Australia. Snake catcher Elliot Budd told the ABC he's responded to at least two of the calls.

The first was a nearly 10-foot-long snake found in a downstairs loo. A week later, he got another call.

"At first I thought it was a friend having a go at me but she was very serious about it," Budd told the ABC. "I went out and there was a snake curled up in the toilet."

Budd says the second snake was already about halfway down the pipe when he got there. He had to do some coaxing to get the snake out.

Other pythons have been found in kitchen sinks, drain pipes and other areas where water dwells. Wildlife experts expect there will be even more sightings in the coming weeks as that part of Australia faces a major drought.

"Over the next little while as it gets drier and drier - and we're not expecting much of a wet season - I expect that you may find snakes in many more wet places than you usually do," said eptile expert Professor Lin Schwarzkopf.
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