Kidnapped teen's hysterical 911 call

Utah police have released audio recording of the dramatic 911 call made by a teenaged kidnapping victim moments after she had escaped her captors.

According to ABC affiliate Good4Utah, two teenagers were kidnapped in the late night of Sept. 9th while walking around their neighborhood in Bountiful, Utah. The girls told police that two men and a woman approached them and forced them into their red SUV.

Listen to the 911 call.

Dispatcher: "911 what's the address of your emergency?"
Victim: "I don't know anything. I need help."
Dispatcher: "What's your address?"
Victim: "I told you I don't know..."
Dispatcher: "Are you at a house?"
Victim: "I don't know."
Dispatcher: Are you at a business or home?"
Victim: "Yes I need help."

The victims were tied up with duct tape as they remained prisoners in the SUV as the vehicle continued driving. During this, the girls were physically assaulted with a knife.

The two girls managed to escape 19 hours later, after being taken to Santaquin, almost 75 miles away from their home. When the SUV finally stopped, the abductors exited the vehicle for a short time. In that time, one of the girls was able to free herself from the restraints, free her friend, and the two escaped together.

According to ABC News, At about 9:20 PM, the two victims happened across Tammy Morrison, a woman sitting in her car as she was stopped at stoplight.

"They were hysterical," Morrison told ABC News. "One had duct tape around her neck and mouth. It was crazy."

Morrison allowed the girls to use her phone to dial 911. The two girls were so hysterical, the 911 dispatcher couldn't understand what was happening.

Dispatcher: "What's the emergency there?"
Victim: "Somebody took us."
Dispatcher: "I can't understand what you're saying. Take a deep breath and tell me what's wrong."
Victim: "He took us. (sobs) Somebody took us."

Listen to the full 911 call above.

Police have released the call in hopes to remind the public of this is incident as the suspects have not yet been caught.

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