Viral "Do Attend" Letter sparks neighborhood party

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A party in the lot on 27th and Girard is the result of a man's mission to share togetherness and a strange letter that took the internet by storm.

The letter, penned by "ABBA", popped up at doorsteps across Fairmount and Brewerytown in February.

It is hard to follow but describes a "furnace party" set for April 27. It discourages eating meat products and expresses a need to turn one's self into a steel statue.

It undoubtedly caught attention online, quickly. Joel Todd from East Falls saw the viral post, "Some folks from Brewerytown got the letter, posted it on Reddit and it took off from there."

Despite reading the letter, the hundreds of people who showed up Saturday afternoon, ready to party, didn't quite understand the purpose behind it.

"I think it was a draw of attention for no good reason. I don't think it had a point, it was just all in good fun. And then it snowballed into this wonderful event," said Emily Bridgemore of Fishtown.

But there was a point. 64-year-old Milton Jackson, who calls himself "ABBA," is the man behind the letter.

Bessie Jones, says the concepts he laid out in the note weren't to be taken literally "He wrote this letter to bring the community together in unification and purification."
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