Like father, like son: Danny Briere's son suits up in Flyers uniform

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Six years after starring for the Flyers, Danny Briere is now watching his son try to follow in his footsteps.

Like father like son, Carson Briere is now sporting a Flyers jersey --- the 19-year-old is a Development Camp Invite.

Danny Briere says "its pretty cool, because it's the Flyers."

"It's an honor. It's cool because since I moved here, I think I was in third grade when I moved to New Jersey, I used to come here every day. I mean I know all the guys who are running this camp, like Derek, Huggy and all those guys. All those guys who were here when my dad was here, Jim, Sal, so it's cool to come back and see all these familiar faces that I've seen growing up as a kid and seeing how they helped my dad and now they're helping me, it's definitely an honor," says Carson Briere.

With the Briere name, comes a lot of pressure. But Carson Briere has had to live up to that his entire life, which Danny calls "unfair."

Carson has a great and healthy perspective now saying "when I was younger, I felt like there was some pressure, but as I grew up I realized I shouldn't worry about it. I just have to go out there and have fun. I was getting frustrated when I wasn't doing as good sometimes because I felt like I had to live up to something. Once I got older and matured a little bit, I just realized that hockey is hockey and just have fun. Since I've been doing that, I've been playing better hockey. It's all I think about now- just doing the best I can do and not thinking about my dad or the name on the back of my jersey anymore."

Feeling the pressure as a kid, Carson nearly quit hockey after being cut from a few teams in high school, but his father encouraged him to stick with it.

Danny says, "I think the only time I pushed Carson a little bit was a few years ago when he was cut from the Rebels here, the junior team in town and he wanted to quit hockey. And he did. I gave him a couple weeks to think about it and he wanted to come back and play with his friends, and that's the only time I stepped in and said if you want to play hockey you are good enough to play junior hockey in the NAHL and we will find you a place to play. And he agreed to that and from that point on, that's when things kind of kicked off for him. The confidence built and his coach in Johnstown the last couple years."

Briere's son is a late bloomer, coming up his best season of junior hockey in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Carson will head to Arizona State in the fall, hoping to one day score in the NHL; like his dad.

"If I don't make it, I don't make it, if I do, I do," he says.

Like father like son, they both have the same celebration move.

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