Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins says he's outplayed his deal

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Malcolm Jenkins is on the field despite his desire for a revised deal with more money; to be among the higher paid safeties in the NFL, he says he's been talking to the Eagles about getting a bump in pay since the end of last season.

"I feel like I've outplayed that contract," Jenkins says.

Jenkins says talks have been ongoing and he had a conversation with owner Jeffrey Lurie which made him feel comfortable about being here at mandatory minicamp.

Jenkins says he feels respected by the Eagles.

He loves being an Eagle and being a part of this organization with a big part of it his relationship with owner Jeffrey Lurie.

They have talked and he's expressed what he wants market value.

Doug Pederson is happy Jenkins and everyone is here. Pederson says they are by no means in midseason form but this is where they will lay the groundwork for training camp at the end of July.

"Great to have them all here. By no means are we in mid-season form. Still going to be some timing and things we have to continue to work on. That's why we practice and get ready for camp," said Pederson.

While everyone is here the Eagles are missing some key members of their team in practice as they recover from injuries.

Rookie running back Miles Sanders will not participate in drills or practice this week because of a lingering hamstring issue that sidelined him during OTAs.

"I'm still going to hold Miles this week. Obviously, it hurts a little bit that he's not getting the physical reps, but I don't want to risk him any further. We'll wait until camp and get him out there. He's getting a lot of mental reps. Duce Staley is drilling and grilling him in the classroom and he is getting a lot of mental reps on the field," Pederson says about Miles.
Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz looks like he is past the injuries that have hampered him the last year.

Wentz is throwing with authorities he gets his timing down with his receivers like DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery.

Pederson says the contract extension will help Wentz focus solely on football.
"That's probably the biggest thing, just that lingering distraction. I don't have to stand up here and answer questions over and over and over again; get it behind us now. I'm excited for Carson and his family and for the Eagles organization that we were able to extend him," said Pederson.

"I've said this all along that he and I came in this league together. Rookie quarterback and rookie head coach. We're sort of married to this deal, too. I'm excited. Puts it behind him. He can focus on ball. We don't have that lingering distraction into training camp or into the regular season. We can just focus on football," Pederson says about Wentz.
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